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Frequently Answered Questions
PADI Advanced Open Water Diving General
Open Water Course Dive Sites & Seasons
P.A.D.I open water course Scuba Review


1Q what level of experience do i need to enroll on PADI advanced?
1A you will need to have an open water diving license basic level that included shallow water training and at least 4 open water dive be licensed to dive to 18 meters without professional supervision.

PADI advanced this course qualifies the diver to dive to 30 meters and increases the divers navigation abilities in addition it gives the diver the opportunity to try more challenging diving activities under the direct supervision of a diving professional.

The PADI Advanced course costs 7,400 Baht plus 500 Baht for the equipment rental for the whole course Total 7,900 Baht.

The course consist of 5 dives - Deep and Navigation are mandatory and we prefer to do them on our local trip 8:15 to 2:30.

As a choice we have the wreck trip - King Cruiser - a big passenger / car ferry which sank in 1997 and lies now within the marine sanctuary between here and Phuket. Then on the same trip we offer you to dive Phuket Shark-Point and the Anemone Reef - two of the best dive sites in the whole of Thailand - certainly concerning the variety of the corals. On these 2 dives we have the following options for elective dives: Multilevel , underwater naturalist , underwater photography and/or peak performance buoyancy .

You also have the option of a night dive for your advanced course which we recommend.

The course can be started every day and is conducted at a student to instructor ratio of 1 to 4 maximum

FAQS Diving General

1Q how many dives can we do in a day max?
1A Normally max 3 dives: 2 day time one night : or 3 day dives

2Q what time do the dive trips start ?
2A scheduled day trips start at 8 am night dives depart 6.30 pm

3Q can we dive in the afternoon?
3A If your party consist of 2 or more people we will schedule a dive trip to suite you provided it is practical.

4Q how many people dive in one group?
4A no more than 4 people per group each group is led by a dive master provided by us .

5Q number of people on each boat?
5A we have 5 day trip boats of intermediate size that is between 12 and 19 people per boat max see boat photos

6Q how experienced do I need to be?
6A to dive in pp,s marine park referred to as "local dives" padi scuba diver open water or equivalent and have dived within the last 14 months.

to dive the" wreck" or "hindeng" you should have open water or equivalent have dived within the last 2 months or have 10 dives minimum

7Q cave diving
7A cave diving is possible however current cave diving qualifications are required tuition is sometimes possible depending on logistics

8Q can we do night dives?
8A night dives are available most days and only 2 divers are required for us to schedule one otherwise

9Q are shore dives possible?
9A no due to the distance the reef starts off shore

10Q if i am a dive master or instructor is there discount?
10A yes 10 percent off all dive trips

11Q is it possible to dive in the morning and take the ferry to Krabi Phuket?
11A It is possible to catch the 14:00 ferry or later boats but only from the "local" dive trips the" wreck" and "hindeng" trips return too late

12Q how many days of diving are possible from phi phi without doing the same dive twice?
12A more than 25 sites or about 14 days assuming sufficient experience to visit all sites and good weather.

13Q do you provide Nitrox?
13A post tsunami no but its coming again soon

14Q can I dive the day I arrive?
14A provided you arrive on a morning boat and have made a pre paid reservation yes diving is possible in the marine park only

15Q low season diving possible?
15A diving in low season continues daily our access to the "wreck" and "hindeng" sites is however limited by surface conditions .

16Q Visibility
16 A Vis is from 5 to 35 meters depending on site and tide condition low season vis is generally lower than high season

17Q water temp ?
17A 28 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees all year

18Q what wet suit will i need?
18A we rent 3 mm short suits however a 2mm steamer or 5mm short suit would be fine

19Q what tanks do we supply
19A for adult divers we use 80 cu foot 11.75 L tanks with international valves, D.I.N. adaptors are available, smaller tanks are available for children or small people

20Q can we snorkel from the dive boat?
20A divers can of course snorkel during the surface intervals non divers who are the guest of a diver are also permitted to join the dive boat on local trips which present excellent opportunities to snorkel

21Q is there a maximum dive time?
21A yes normally divers should surface after 1 hour and 3 minutes

22Q can we dive unsupervised?
22A Yes after doing a dive with one of our dive masters to acclimatize divers may dive in buddy teams

23Q What Boats does Phi Phi scuba have?
23A phi phi scuba owns and runs four 15 to 18 meter long day boats accommodating 12 to 16 divers each and two 11 meter twin engine power boats boats (see photos) all boats have oxygen first aid radios custom made dive decks with twin ladders toilet facilities sun and shade decks .

All of our dive trips include a packed lunch plus fruit and water lunch is selected from a choice of 9 options the day before

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FAQS Open Water Course

1Q how many people learn to dive in one group?
1A our PADI courses are conducted on a 1 staff to 3 students maximum basis except Advanced open water which is 1 to 4 max

1.1Q what des the course consist of?
1.1A the course consist of 3 parts 1st theory this is some reading at home on the beach and a morning here with us 2nd shallow water practice, an afternoon normaly,3rd open water training 2 days out on one of our boats in the marine park
1.2Q Will I need a medical certificate to do the course?
1.2A If you are in good health No you are able to complete a form here, however if you are in any doubt about any aspect of your health you should consult a diving doctor and request a fit to scuba dive medical. Of great concern are ear lung injuries asthma heart function and long term medication

2Q how many days does PADI open water take?
2A normally the course is conducted over 3 days this is possible because our group size is max 3 students, students needing extra time to learn may require 4 days this is no problem for us provided the student has time ,there is no extra cost incurred'

3Q How many real dives will I do?
3A for open water you will make 4 dives in the marine park too a max depth of 18meters

4Q Wen can I make the advanced open water course after the open water course?
4A you may make the advanced course any time after the open water course we advise you don't wait too long as the two courses reinforce each other .

5Q how much time each day will the PADI open water take?
5A About 6 hours a day for 3 days plus a little home work reading

6Q do we need to pay for anything else to complete the course?
6A No

7Q what happens if I am un able to complete my course?
7A you will only be charged for what you have used from the course pro rata.

8Q will I have to buy diving insurance?
8A No we recommend that all divers purchase D.A.N insurance but customers are covered by our liability insurance for injury (including hyperbaric) whilst in our care.

9Q How long does my open water certificate last and do I have to do a certain amount of dives a year to keep it?
9A your certificate is for life and you are not required to dive to keep it, recommendations on what one should do after a long break from diving are covered in the course

10Q what does the certificate entitle me to do?
10A Padi open water entitles you to hire and by scuba gear including tanks and use them without supervision . It is the basic level of certification required by resorts for surface supervised and unsupervised recreational diving

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Dive Sites & Seasons

What dive sites are regularly available and when?

From Phi Phi there are 3 distinct areas for diving

All trips are scheduled for early morning starts between 8 and 8;30 am as the diving is better in the morning however afternoon dives are arranged according to demand


Phi Phi has 2 seasons defined by the trade winds the high season goes from thru start of October until some time in May during this hi season all dive sites are readily accessible with light easterly winds surface conditions are normally mild to dead calm.

Low season starts mid May and usually begins with a lot of wind and rain from the west resulting in a constant ground swell we are still able to visit local sites everyday but other sites can be difficult l as we get through June July and August the weather tends to be quite stable allowing us to visit most dive sites most of the time Hin Deng being the most weather sensitive until Septembe r when we normally get another dose of high wind and rain as the wind changes back to easterly High season direction

1 Phi Phi marine park local dives consist of 6 islands and is referred to as local diving ; the local diving offers sites suitable for all levels of diver with sites from 8 to 30 meters deep.

The bottom composition is limestone boulders wall hard coral shallower and spectacular soft coral from 8 meters down most sites local bottom out at about 25 meters with white sand.

Water conditions are: temp 28 degrees c with slight to moderately strong current on a six and a quarter hour cycle visibility varies between 5 and 30 meters 15 being the norm the variations of Vis are mostly tidal as opposed to seasonal. Wildlife on the local sites is extremely diverse ranging from nudibranches to whale sharks regularly sited highlights are the resident leopard sharks and hawks bill turtles accompanied by an enormous diversity of tropical fish eels and crustaceans.

2 The Wreck

King Cruiser - Shark Point - Anemone Reef 3 dives

This trip is of an intermediate skill level consisting of 2 or 3 dives the customer decides.

It departs at 8,15 and returns at 5 PM

Cost is 2,200 Baht for 2 dives or 2,800 Baht for 3 dives plus 400 Baht for equipment

Grope size is 4 divers to one dive master lunch fruit and water is included

Shark Point Phuket , a small rock outcropping about 1 hour northwest Phi Phi Island, is a famous marine sanctuary that was established in 1991. The variety of marine life is tremendous. Specific attractions include the colorful soft corals and sea fans decorating the limestone pinnacles, the great range of tropical fish and the famous Leopard Sharks.

Anemone Reef is also part of the marine sanctuary. This submerged reef located only a few hundred meters far from Shark Point has its own character. The whole reef is covered with an extensive field of sea anemones. Besides the Leopard Sharks there are also some massive schools of smaller fish and some larger pelagic such as Tuna and Barracuda to be found.

King Cruiser , a 85m catamaran passenger ferry with a car deck, strayed off course on the 4th of May 1997 and hit one of the pinnacles of Anemone Reef ripping one of her twin hulls open. Subsequently, King Cruiser sunk within an hour with no loss of life. With it's multiple decks, open passenger compartments and bridge all accessible at depths between 12 and 30 meters, the King Cruiser is an ideal Wreck Dive Site for all divers. After resting on the sea floor for four years, shells, anemones and soft corals are beginning to slowly encase the Wreck and it has become home to an amazing amount of schooling fishes and Giant Lionfish.

3 Hin Daeng - Hin Muang 2 dives

This trip is for more experienced divers, goes from 8:30 to 4:00

Two dives cost 3,200 Baht plus equipment 400 Baht Total 3,600 Baht it is considered to be Truly world class dive site.

Hin Daeng (translated red rock) is rated as one of the top Dive Sites in Thailand. With our Speedboat it is exactly a 1 hour ride south of Phi Phi Island. Completely surrounded by the open sea, more than 15 km from the next island, is a pinnacle coming up from a depth of 50 meters and just making it through the surface. With visibility often exceeding 40 meters, this is a diver's dream Site. Big schools of Barracudas, mackerels, Snappers and Tunas circle around the vibrant pinnacle that is covered with a wide variety of corals, sea fans and plants from top to bottom. The highlight of this Trip is often the sighting of a Whale Shark or Manta or Eagle Ray, which happens here more than anywhere else in Thailand. Bull Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and Silver Tip Sharks and big Black Tip Reef Sharks can also be spotted here.

Hin Muang lies just 200 meters from Hin Daeng. This totally submerged reef resembles a huge loaf of bread. The formation is about 200 meters long and approximately 15-18 meters wide. In the middle of the reef there is a 25 meter wide valley and on all sides the reef drops to more than 50 meters. The translation of Hin Muang means "purple rock", which is a suitable description for a reef that is literally covered with colorful anemones all over except for the valley where you will often find Octopuses or Leopard Sharks lying around. You can also expect to see an extraordinary array of marine life at this world class dive site.

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what is the padi scuba divercourse like

Certification 2 days

Equipment included 5,900 Baht

The scuba diver course is for people who want be able to dive whilst on holiday but are happy to do so only under supervision. The course is basically half of the Padi open water course so dive planning rescue skills are omitted as it is required that subsequent dives are made with a qualified leader.

The course takes two days. The first day 10 am start with theory and equipment familiarization followed after lunch by a shallow water skills session.

During this session the participant will start waist deep in water and progress to about 3 meters deep normally finished around 3 pm

The second day is out on the boat around Phi PHI in the local dive area to make two 12 meter dives and put the skills learnt in to practice during the open water dives the participant will see two of the most butifull local dive sites the dives are about 50 minutes the day is from . 8,15 to 3pm

The course costs 5,900 Baht including equipment and the certification is for life.

The scuba diver cert allows the diver to dive to 12 meters under supervision and is upgradeable to P.A.D.I. open water without going back to the beginning.


what is the Padi rescue diver course like

Pre-requirement for this course : PADI Advanced certification, Basic Life Saving qualification (not more than 2 years old). This course can be completed with us as well, in one day (see MFA).

How long : 3 days

Dives : 5

Course Cost : 8,800 baht, plus 500 for equipment, total 9,300 baht.

Schedule :

1 st day: from 10h00 to 15h00
2 nd day: from 10h00 to 15h00
3 rd day: On the boat, from 8h00 to 15h00

This course is designed to bring divers who already have advanced skills to a level of competency where, in emergency situations, they will be able to intervene.

The course is made of three parts: 1 Theory. 2 shallow water Practice to develop rescue and search techniques. 3 Rescue scenario from the boat including 2 dives.

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P.A.D.I open water course

what is the padi open water course like

This course is for people with no or little experience of diving and is designed to certify them to a basic level of competency allowing them to use S.C.U.B.A. equipment unsupervised

We offer the course in the following languages ; English French German Swedish Hebrew Check Russian Spanish.

We start courses daily. 

To do the PADI Open Water course with us you need 3 to4 days only - we take maximum of 3 students per instructor. With such small groups we have enough time for each of the students to prepare them well before the following day when they go out to dive over our reefs.

Preferably we let the students watch a video the day before they actually start. Like this 35 minutes are already out of the way and then next day is shorter.

Starting at 9.45 am the instructor gives a lecture of 45 minutes and then we start assembling the equipment and doing the system checks then off to the water .

Confined water training (shallow water.) We do not have swimming pools on phi phi so we start directly in the sea.

A really shallow water start first to get used to the sensation of breathing air under water and stablish the trust in the equipment before we gradually move to deeper water.

As a preparation there are quite a few skills to do but in the end good buoyancy control and proper breathing counts most. If everything goes smoothly we are finished between 1 and 2 o'clock in the afternoon. (If a paticapant has problems further shallow water practice to bring them up to standard is avalible at no extra charge)    

Then follow 2 days on the boat from 8.30 am untill about 2.30 pm.

Each day you will make 2 Open Water training dives. Our aim is to teach you how to move gracefully and breathe in a relaxed manner so that finally you able to make up to 60 minutes per dive under the water !

The first day you will not exceed 12 meter of depth for reasons you will learn about in the course

The last day you are making 2 dives to maximum 18 meters. .

The course fee is 9,900 Baht and there are no additional costs. All the diving gear is provided by us within the price included is:confined water training lunch the 2 days on the boat, a logbook and of course your certificate. The PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate is world wide recognized and valid for life.

Scuba Review

what is the scuba review

This one day program is designed to bring qualified divers who have not dived frequently enough to maintain confidence in their skills back to a level of competence allowing them to dive unsupervised.

The program starts with a theory review and re teach of what was forgotten usually the day before time needed for this part about 1 hour.

Then on the day the two included dives are made equipment assembly practice in water skills review done one on one by a dive master or instructor followed by two dives to max depth of 18 meters the program is recognized by all dive shops and documented in the divers log book.

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