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Our Dive Boats

We are the only center on Phi Phi with 5 dive boats to choose from.

Our rational for choosing to run a fleet of medium sized boats as apposed to just 3 large boats is the increased flexibility and customer service .our fleet allows us to send students on there own boat and qualified divers on another reducing compromise another advantage is the greater maneuverability of medium sized boats over large cattle boats . One for the local dives , one for daily trips to Shark Point, Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser wreck (Thanapon and Aquatic), and our speedboat to take you down to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang in just over an hour .


Chockprasit is our qualified diver boat being used for local dives in the marine park she is good for up to 16 divers comfortably and is fun to be on


Aquatic is our newest boat and being quite fast for a displacement boat is our choice for diving the wreck of the King cruiser shark point phuket and anemone reef she will take 16 divers or 4 groups very comfortably


Nonthagorn our power boat is used for trips to more remote locations normally Hin Deng and Hin Muang she is 11 meters long and powered by two 200 hp motors with a cruise speed of 55 kmh fully loaded. She takes max 10 divers.


Bilou is our largest boat she is used normally as our student boat diving the local marine park she is able to take 21 student divers or 7 groups of three.


Tanapon is our spare boat being used for both local and wreck trips when the need arises she is also used for group bookings and can be reserved by clubs on a daily basis being our smallest boat she takes maximum 12 divers or 3 gropes.

Our fleet of bright yellow dive boats (like our dive shop) is the largest and newest on the Island . Our larger boats are very spacious with plenty of room for gearing up as well as relaxing and with a low platform at the back to make entry and exit comfortable. Toilets and fresh water hand shower for cameras and other essential extras are further conveniences. Because safety is one of a main priority all our boats obviously carry Oxygen, First Aid Kits and Radio's.

Safety and insurance

Of course in the diving world safety is always at the front of our minds.

Consequently all of our staff are fully trained in emergency first response techniques and whilst in our care divers are required to follow established.

Safety procedures

Hyperbaric Service

However being prepared is an important part of being safe there fore phi phi scuba carries third party liability insurance for all customers under our direct and indirect care the policy is issued by A.I.G NEW HAMPSHIRE INSURANCE COMPANY policy no 0267011679.

Additionally we are an affiliated member of HST Hyperbaric services Thailand

Who operate Phuket Re-Compression Chamber. Our Staff have attended dive accident management training courses and the majority are qualified DAN 02 providers. Early recognition and treatment of diving accidents is therefore guaranteed.
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